Pressure : Do You Know Your Peers? Essays

Pressure : Do You Know Your Peers? Essays

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Pressure: Do you know your peers?
The influences of peer pressure are commonly visualized throughout the stages of life as adolescence. In perspective of adolescence, peer pressure is often referred to the influence of friends and classmates to adopt certain values in one’s mind (Wang). At the early stages of adolescence, the sensation of belonging and being socially accepted is crucial, due to which teenagers are highly susceptible to peer pressure (Oak). Furthermore, peer pressure can turn out to have negative or positive influences depending on what kind of group an individual chooses to be with. Peers can essentially change one’s personality for the better or worse. While peer pressure can have positive influences, for the most part, it is recognized for its consequences on an individual. Peers play an exceedingly large role in the construction of one’s adolescent as it influences negatively on his/her ability to make decisions, form identity, and contributes towards adopting a negative behaviour as he/she involves with certain individuals.

When adolescents are constantly under pressure, they tend to make wrong decisions which works against them and eventually causes them to do something they did notn’t want to do. When teens are required to make a substantial decision in front of their peers, they often make contact with the overwhelming internal drive which pressurizes them to do things which make them feel good instead of doing things which suit their own morals and values (Benjamin). Therefore, adolescents feel safe to make decisions on what their peers think are right and not making decisions which will support them in their well-being. Decisions to acquire a relationship or to skip classes or getting involved in a...

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...imilar identities as the social groups and are restricted from showcasing their own personalities and who they actually are.

During the time period of adolescence, peers play an increasingly striking role changing the way individuals present themselves to the society (KidsHealth). Individuals want to keep up with social groups and essentially want to alter themselves as forced and dominated by peers. Through the social influences which are posed by peers, acquaintances and classmates, many teenagers are negatively influenced and are deeply impacted for their decision making skills, habits, and identity formation. All in all, peers have the ability to control one’s life by a large magnitude. This idea showcases the hindrance of one’s behaviour to impact negatively. These complications can endure many long-term effects as adolescents move forward into adulthood.

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