Pressure Dealing With Graduate School Essay

Pressure Dealing With Graduate School Essay

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In the Co-facilitator assignment, we chose to do a support group. Our topic was pressure dealing with Graduate school this could be looking ahead and seeing what pressures you could have to deal with or dealing with the pressures of applying and making big decisions. We wanted to keep it open for discussion. The idea was to let the group lead the discussion. We wanted it to be as laid-back as possible so that people would feel comfortable talking. I think that this was one of the most effective decision we made, because as the discussion continued people began to loosen up and begin to talk.
During our session, the members of the group were allowed to engage at all times. We opened things up with an introduction activity. It was something quick and fun, because we did not want people to be so nervous. We started off by letting people people talk without it being intense. We decided against a “fun fact” activity, because it always makes me nervous when people do those. I sit there and search my brain “what are fun facts”, “I am not interesting”, “I have no clue what to say”, or “I don’t want to say anything stupid.” So, that is why we went with the “what is your favorite type of pet” question. The main point of all this is, we wanted our group to feel comfortable, and we wanted to let the group be able to lead their group. Inclusion is a big part of leading a group, because you want every group member to feel included. I would not personally attend another group if I felt out of place. Therefore, we tried to avoid this. Another thing that we did, was ask the group questions. We would say “have you ever been through this or have you thought about this?” This would get the group involved and help the flow of the conversation going....

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... I need to work on when leading a group.
The next I lead a group I will make sure to first not sit beside my co-facilitator. I will also make sure to acknowledge a person’s feelings before giving them a different way to look at things and I will learn more conversational skills. The way I plan to learn these skills is by role-playing. I think that role-playing is the best way to really get better at gaining skills. The reason I say that is, because it actually puts you in the situation. I also plan to do more research on groups and see other ways they work. I want more information on what works and what doesn’t work. I currently lead a Christian Women’s support group, but I want to be able to make our sessions more efficient. So, I will continue to lead these and after each session I will self-reflect. I think it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses.

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