Essay on Presidents Can Not Dodge Agenda Setting

Essay on Presidents Can Not Dodge Agenda Setting

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In modern politics, presidents cannot dodge agenda setting. Although the role of the president making these set plans have been analyzed in the past, political scientists are seeing discovering how candidates with enact these promises made on their campaign trail. In this piece, I will examine the 1980 presidential election between former presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and third party caucus John Anderson with a main focus on Ronald Reagan. I will review the nomination speeches, the horrific speeches or phrases, and the literature written during the campaign trail.

Reagan’s message was concise: his platform would be based on lowering taxes and expenditures to help the economy. This was the focus in his speeches. He also brought clean energy as a talking point. After the Republican Convention, Reagan had a lead over Carter in the polls. This built his ego to allow him to believe that he was ready for anything. He was invited to an event in Mississippi to give a speech pertaining three civil rights workers were murdered a month before he announced that he would be opening the general election campaign. A close advisor for his campaign encouraged him to decline the invitation, since he was already ahead of the polls in the South, but he refused the advice and attended. His speech entailed that he would support the state’s rights (which was in support of segregation.) There were other events leading up to the general election that made it easy for the Carter campaign to attack Reagan’s allegiance with other religion, races, and regional lines. He was rightfully attacked and it spread like wildfire; Reagan was a “threat” to America and would be portrayed as an extremist.

At the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s campaign, he was n...

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...ow nuclear arms is the most important issue in her opinion. Before he could finish his talking point, the time had expired for the question. The debate proceeded and Reagan sounded well rehearsed, as Carter sounded sloppy. Some say that the debate is what costed Jimmy Carter the presidential election. Carter’s strategist went on air soon after and stated, “God damn it, the guy is an experienced actor.”

To conclude, the Reagan-Bush ticket was a victory. His success in passing legislation for his four main policy areas (reduction of government, energy, taxes, and military build-up) in congress gave him a strong platform for his first presidential race. Carter lost the Electoral vote at a landslide, only gaining 41% of the vote. Ronald Reagan’s long time training in communicating his message weighed greatly on this election and made him a candidate of rare quality.

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