The Presidential Electoral System Of The United States Essay

The Presidential Electoral System Of The United States Essay

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The presidential electoral system implemented in the United States has perpetuated a political climate that gave birth to the democratic Cult of Personality. This modern phenomena undermines the integrated defense mechanisms that attempt to deter the power of influential individuals and simultaneously undermines the party system of politics the United States has implemented. The modern democratic election system in the United States of America has a very idealistic approach that seeks to congregate political views into parties, and then have those parties compete in elections with qualified individuals that will represent their parties. This approach has very dynamic outcomes, but one of the indirect and most ironic results is the popularity and power that individuals have in this political system. In the United States, the Presidential Electoral system is shaped in such a way that individuals can gain power superior to their political parties and de-emphasize the party system as a whole. The most recent case of this unpopular reality is the Presidential campaign of billionaire and reality TV star, Donald Trump. By looking at the political history of similar characters in the United States, the fundamentals of this electoral system, and how the parliamentary electoral system prevents this kind of controversy.
In order to fully understand the modern phenomenon that is the popularity of Donald Trump’s political success, it is important to look at the interworking of the political electoral system currently in place. This all begins with the manner in which each member of the executive is selected. In the United States, the preliminary period in which people run for executive office is called the primaries. The primaries...

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...uation in current western democracies. For example, in the Parliamentary system used by Great Britain, members of the legislative that are elected by the population appoint members to the executive, ultimately eliminating any individual bias. In this system, no one person can have the power to sway the masses to such a point where an unpopular leader takes control. No one person can influence the leadership so drastically and undermine the agenda of the dominantly elected political party. It is the system in place in the United States of America that has perpetuated to this individualistic electoral process that has and will undermine the opinions and concerns of the majority. The integrity of democracy and its principles based on sovereignty and representation have been and will be minimalized if the United States keeps its current electoral system in place.

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