Presidential Election : The Election Essay

Presidential Election : The Election Essay

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The 2016 presidential election has been one of the craziest elections in many years. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are rated as unfavorable by many Americans and are two of the most unpopular candidates for the presidency in a long time. Gary Johnson, a third-party candidate for the Libertarian Party has risen in popularity and is seen by many as a better alternative, however, third party candidates have struggled in the past to attract media attention and Johnson’s failure to make the 15% threshold to be invited to the debates damaged his opportunity to make a bigger impact nationwide. With the conclusion of the first two presidential debates, many Americans were undecided about who they would vote for and were anxious to see what would happen in the third and final presidential debate.
The final debate was held at UNLV in Las Vegas and Chris Wallace, an anchor for Fox News was the moderator. The format of the debate was six segments that were each 15 minutes long; each candidate would then respond with two minute answers and then each segment would continue with open discussion. All the questions picked by the moderator were asked by the American people and consisted of many different topics from Domestic to Foreign politics.
The debate began with a question about the Supreme Court. Both candidates were asked where they wanted the Supreme Court to take the country and were also asked how they believed the constitution should be interpreted. Clinton stated that she wanted a Supreme Court that stood for the people and that the “Supreme Court should represent all of us.” Clinton also stood with her stance that although she supported the 2nd Amendment, she wants more background checks and regulation of guns and gun owners...

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... statements are scary because people around the country are hearing this and are becoming doubtful of the electoral system even if there is proof that voter fraud is very rare. Clinton attacked Trump by saying that when things do not go his way, he will turn and say that the system is rigged such as in the primary elections and even when he did not win an Emmy award.
The final segment of the debate had to do with the national debt of the country. The moderator told both candidates that the percent of the GDP to the debt is 77% and under the plans of both candidates, it would keep increasing. Clinton’s plan would increase the GDP to debt percentage to 86% while under Trump it would increase to 105%. While Clinton went into detail and said that she would make people of higher income and businesses pay more taxes, Trump simply answered the question by saying he would

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