Essay about The Presidential Election Of President And The Suez Canal

Essay about The Presidential Election Of President And The Suez Canal

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Political campaign ads have played a very important role in presidential elections since the television was invented. They allowed for the appearance of a candidate become a new factor of appeal. Not many people were fully informed about their government, let alone a presidential candidate. Televised campaign ads helped change that. Now, people are informed and persuaded through these ads, changing the way people once made their decisions about voting.
Adlai Stevenson, the democratic candidate, ran against Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican incumbent, for the presidency in 1956. This election served as a rematch for the 1952 election, which was won by Eisenhower (The Livingroom Candidate). Due to positive events in Eisenhower 's presidency, such as ending the Korean War and keeping the United States out of the invasions of Hungary and the Suez Canal, he was now a very popular candidate (Miller Center). Stevenson knew that Eisenhower’s popularity would be a problem for him and that he wouldn’t stand a chance without the help of television, even though he was against the role of television in politics.
Stevenson released a wide series of television ads in order to make himself seem like an “average American.” Most of these ads were filmed with his family, or in his hometown of Libertyville, Illinois. One ad that did not include his family was one titled “How’s That Again General?” This ad was kind of an attack towards Stevenson’s opponent Eisenhower. This ad starts by asking the question “How’s that again general?” Then the ad goes to a clip where Eisenhower is talking about the cost of living, and how it is so high and that “it’s time for a change.” The narrator asks again “How’s that again general?” and repeats Eisenhower’s quote ...

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... recently introduced and was becoming widely popular, but the television was still a big source of entertainment and information. The campaign ads from 1996 were in full color, and the sound and picture had improved heavily since 1976 and 1956. The candidates were once again dressed in more formal attire. This was done to show the maturity and responsibility of the candidates. Since trust was no longer an issue at this time, and the moral standards of the president were being questioned, it was important to show how responsible the candidate was.
All of these ads were similar in terms of content. Every candidate wanted to make himself look like the perfect potential president, and every candidate wanted to make his opponent seem like someone who did not know what he was doing. Most of the ads were just attacks on the opponent, had it been direct or under the surface.

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