The Presidential Election Matter Is Abortion Essay

The Presidential Election Matter Is Abortion Essay

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Presidential candidates should have the same views as the rest of their party to accurately represent them. There are many presidential issues that will be discussed in the upcoming election, but a few are more dominate when it comes to the nation determining which candidate they would like to have as president. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two potential presidential candidates, have very opposite visions of what America should look like from one another. Each of them hoping to gain favor over each other to be the face of the United States for the next four or eight years.
One major presidential election matter is abortion. Abortion is the option a woman could choose to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy. The debate is to whether the unborn embryo has its own rights. People who are pro-life are for certain an unborn child is still a person and has the right to be born. They think abortion is still counted as murder. In contrast, pro-choice people say that a woman has the choice to control her own body and should have access to healthcare that will best suit her. As specified by, “[Democrat] Hillary Clinton is a strong proponent of making abortion safe but rare. She strongly supports initiatives that will decrease the number of abortions occurring, but still wants to see it as an option where unwanted pregnancy does occur” (“Democratic Views on Abortion”). This aligns with the traditional Democratic view of this concern: they presume it is a woman’s right to decide if they want to abort a pregnancy or not (“Democratic Views on Abortion”). On the other end of the debate, Donald Trump, Republican, has an opposite outlooks on this subject. states that Trump, “… [is] now pro-life; after years of ...

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... or disagree with the typical Republican thoughts on this subject. Neither of the candidates have a definite stance on this subject, but the Democratic Party describes my beliefs. There are studies that have been conducted to show many benefits from the use of medical marijuana, but there are too many restrictions that slow the amount of research that could be conducted (“Democratic Views on Marijuana”). I think the legalization of marijuana has been needed for a long time.
For the most part, each candidate displays similar views as their presidential parties’. The fact that each candidate has the same view as the rest of his or her party shows they are good representatives of their particular party. Their perspectives of each of these issues will play a big role in the upcoming election when the people of the United States will elect who they want to be president.

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