The Presidential Election Elections Results Essay

The Presidential Election Elections Results Essay

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Conducting a further analysis of the 1860 Presidential election results, Timmons outlines how this election sets the stage for the future referendum on secession vote. He argues that with a three to one vote supporting Breckinridge and Southern rights, secessionist felt the results represented it as a mandate for encouraging secession in Texas. However, he asserts that there exist discrepancies in the voting results, asking the question, “was there manipulation of the vote in that election?” Of the one hundred and twenty-two counties submitting returns, fifty-one reported a voter involvement of greater than 70 percent, with seven counties reporting more than 100 percent vote. These fifty-one counties accounted for 50.7 percent of the entire vote of the State, which demonstrate the possibility of manipulation in the voting tallies. Timmons’ then outlines the same kind of discrepancies existing from county returns during the secession referendum. Timmons argues that with the result of the Presidential election, secessionist and their leaders controlled the narrative through the local newspapers and the propaganda machine calling for secession. Further, he argues that the Unionist lacked the leadership and message to present to the electorate encouraging them to stay with the Union.
Recently historians conducted an analysis of Timmons’ statement “was there manipulation of the vote in that election.” Dale Baum conducts a detailed data analysis of the 1860 Presidential election, the 1861 Secession referendum, and the 1861 Gubernatorial election. Since the result of secession referendum, Unionist claim “suspicions that a significant percentage of Texas voters might have been prevented from voting through trickery...

... middle of paper ... attachment to the Know Nothing Party, which possessed an anti-Catholic platform during the 1856 election. The evidence of shifting withing allegiance (factions) throughout this voting cycle provides, at least, one answer as to why Unionist failed to achieve dominance in Texas that resulted in a three to one vote for secession.
The secession referendum demonstrated that the citizens of Texas voted three to one for secession resulting in Texas seceding from the Union and joined the Confederacy. Following the secession referendum, those who supported the Unionist vote experienced repercussion from secessionist and the Confederacy throughout the state. The remainder of this paper discusses those effects by describing the actions of Unionist as they come to terms that Texas supported secession, joining the other Southern states in waging war on the Union.

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