Presidential Candidates For The Republican Party Presidential Candidate Presidential Election

Presidential Candidates For The Republican Party Presidential Candidate Presidential Election

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As of November 22, 2015, there are no leading contenders for The Republican Party 2016 presidential candidate. There are 14 candidates who are still in the bid and who have been listed in five or more major independent nationwide polls, and have participated in at least one authorized debate, and are still present on the ballots. The Candidates include former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, Former Director of Pediatrics of John Hopkins Hospital Ben Carson, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina, Former Governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore, US Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, Governor of Ohio John Kasich, former NY Governor George Pataki, US senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, US Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, former US Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, and CEO of Trump Organization Donald Trump. According to 270townin and data poll they have gathered from polls done by Fox News, Washington Post, and other big name news outlets the leading contenders to win the Republican bid are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marc Rubio, and Ted Cruz. There is not a majority but Donald trump has the biggest percentage of approval vote with an poll average of 28.2%, Ben Carson not far behind with 20.2%, Marc Rubio 11.8%, and Ted Cruz coming in with 11.6%. The other Presidential hopeful have some kind of support but nothing major that would make them Presidential hopeful for the 2016 election.
The data that was given to the favored Republican nominee are from a data polls average from November 22, 2015, but we won’t know for sure until July 18, 2016, when The Republican Party nominates the 2016 presidential candidate at its conventi...

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...e bigger issues than who is going to be the next Commander and chief for the next four years, such as who is going to have the majority of the seats in the Senate. Currently the majority of the members belong to the Republican Party, with a 54 members being Republicans, and 44 Democrats, and two Independent but tend to vote with the Democrats. The 2016 election will determine if the Republican retain the majority or if the Democrats manage to take the Senate back. The Republicans currently run Congress, as I said the Senate, have the majority of the seats, and the House of Representatives also hold the majority with 234 members compared to 201 Democrats. But the democrats currently have Joe Biden as the Senate President, but besides that, The Presidents pro tempore and House Speaker is lead by Republican leaders, Orrine Hatch (Senate) and Paul Ryan (House Speaker).

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