Presidential Candidates Donald Trump And Hilary Clinton Essay

Presidential Candidates Donald Trump And Hilary Clinton Essay

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2016 Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have exuberantly managed to provide us with perhaps the most unorthodox mockery of a presidential election ever seen in modern day history. Why? Because this was an election based virtually on circumstance.

And the winner is…Donald Trump.

The Curious Case of Donald J. Trump
Could the unfit be a good fit? Well let’s lay out the options. I will give you both scenarios. Now it is no secret that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by a longshot. Which should come as no surprise to anyone if you just listen to Donald Trump speak for even just five minutes, you’ll know why. Shrewd, domineering, and arrogant are just a few characteristics that come to mind. You won’t be sipping tea or picking daisy’s anytime soon with him. That’s for sure. With that said, will this somehow be his strength in the long run? This brings me to Scenario #1…

Trumps ways pay off and we soar!
Trump is a magnificently successful and savvy business man. That is a well- known fact. His tenacity and impeccable negotiating skills are by far what has propelled him through various business ventures thus far. Some see this as a plus dealing with foreign leaders, being a general who will stick to his guns, never wavering on his beliefs. A Pitbull in a suit so to speak, who is not going to back down. That whole “You aren’t going to run over US, our president won’t let you” type of mentality provides many of his supporter’s security. Trump holds nothing back. His filter is nonexistent. Spewing venom that most people wouldn’t dare to approach. He is relentless and cunning. Though he has no ideology whatsoever, his fearless doggedness has appealed to many with pent up frustration and ange...

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...ground with little compassion, bulldog tactics, and little care of the outcome. To be clear, the irony of all of this is that a lot of people aren’t really expecting much more based on the morals of this man. That was the basis that this election stood on. The flashy, fiery business ways of a reality show conman who somehow got fifty plus million people to make him Commander and Chief.
So in the end, we have a puppet master spinning around in his plush leather chair ready to step on anyone’s livelihood that gets in his way with those $10,000 dollar loafers. Only to keep spinning forward frivolously with no regard. In between building that wall and asking black people what they have to lose? I ask you, will his perceived brash but brilliant ways work? Or will they be the death of a nation? Either way we have everything to lose Mr. Trump. Honestly everything.

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