Presidential Campaign : The Cornerstone Of American Democracy Essay

Presidential Campaign : The Cornerstone Of American Democracy Essay

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Presidential campaigns are the cornerstone of American Democracy and represent the proud freedom of Americans expressing their right to vote for the leader of their country. The year leading you to the Presidential election is a crucial one and captures the attention of the entire nation, even the individuals who usually do not take any particular interest in politics. Over the years, there have been numerous presidential campaigns and some have been more prominent and eventful for others. One notable campaign that will be historically remembered is the one that led up to the 1993 Presidential election including the three prominent candidates Democrat Bill Clinton, Republican incumbent President George H. W. Bush and the third party candidate Ross Perot. After his notable accomplishments as Governor of Arkansas, it was expected for Clinton to have a strong campaign, but sex scandals, draft dodging rumors and a strong third party candidate definitely added some bumps in the road on his way to the White House.
Newly out of Yale Law School, a young Bill Clinton was eager to plant his feel in the world of politics. He did not let his lack of political experience hold him back because in 1974, against long-time Republican incumbent John Paul Hammerschmidt, Clinton decided to pursue his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives (Biography). While he did not win that election, it was not a total loss for Clinton because he was definitely seen as a young politician with tremendous potential. This was benefited Bill Clinton and helped him secure his seat as the state’s attorney general and was well on his way to finding his spot in American politics. Not too long after, in 1978, Clinton made American History as one of the youngest governo...

... middle of paper ... meetings, talk shows or on news specials, which reached a much wider audience (Living Room Candidate). The nation saw how comfortable and relatable Clinton was in front of an audience and he was able to promote himself and his campaign indirectly. Clinton’s ads were very effective and consistent; they were very carful is how Clinton’s ideas were portrayed in an attempt to appeal to democrats and those were not. Clinton did this by supporting a handful of traditionally Republican ideals such as supporting the death penalty, welfare cuts, and balancing the budget (Living Room Candidate). Bill Clinton’s media strategy was to vigorously reach audiences that were all over the country, not only those in big, swing states and to appeal to those from associated with all different political parties, not just democrats. However, such media attention did not come cheap.

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