Essay on President 's Speech : President Of The United States

Essay on President 's Speech : President Of The United States

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As emblematic representatives of their country, U.S. Presidents exercise their beliefs and concepts regularly through the use of eloquence. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected president of the United States in 1960. Kennedy became president during times of great danger and fear for the nation of America, and others around the globe. With Communism being further more popular, and large weapon’s being frequently produced all around the world, the people of America needed a new premier commander. As the youngest elected official to ever govern the White House, Kennedy wanted to show his genuineness as a ruler, and verify that his presidency would lead to great hope and future. The president’s inaugural address allows the president to lay out his plans and intentions to excite and motivate all people across the country. During Kennedy’s speech, he delivers a systematic approach with emotion and drive to institute his ethos to an apprehensive and persistent crowd.
Loyalty and reliability are one of the most profound and appealing features a president can obtain. If a country cannot rely on their ruler, then that land will not thrive.

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During the sequence of his address, President Kennedy uses numerous compelling entreaties to gain the assurance of his listeners. Since the main reason of his sermon is to inspire rather than educate, Kennedy rarely uses any logical pleads. Yet, Kennedy adequately uses passionate dialect to make the people sense their involvement in what all the President says. Kennedy composes the assignment to bring back tranquility and good-wealth as not only his aim, but of the public as well. With famed verses like, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for y...

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...ttract the large Christian background congregation. Kennedy’s last verse in his address states, “God’s work must truly be our own.” Having related his goals to those of God’s, he furthermore gains recognition from the audience.
John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address is a puissant speech that conveys a mighty theme. The steady use of fervent dialect stimulates in the crowd a sense of esteem and obligation, which makes the speech even more impressive. The structure of the diction enhances the ability for all people of the audience to connect. Beginning with an intimate remark and closing with a broad regard, marks the address as both authentic and propelling. Nevertheless, what is most effective is Kennedy’s skill to access the atmosphere of the crowd and examine the circumstances of the juncture that is primarily the cause for the prosperity of this distinguished speech.

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