President Roosevelt and The Selective Training and Service Act Essay

President Roosevelt and The Selective Training and Service Act Essay

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It was 1941 and the game of baseball was at an all-time high in the eyes of the American public. During the 1941 major league baseball season the fans of game knew they witnessed two things that would go on to be very special. First Joe DiMaggio reached a feat that very well may never happen again, hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. Then Ted Williams went on to finish the season with a batting average of .406, marking the last time a player has finished the season with a batting average over .400. As baseball blossomed, the American people began to take notice, as the sport was a source of entertainment every day for a six-month span. At this time in 1941, something else that was a lot more important than baseball was also grabbing the attention of the American eye. In Europe there had been a war going on since 1939 as Germany had successfully invaded Poland and Japan was on a mission to take over Eastern Asia. Many of the American people were wondering as the Japanese began to make moves in gaining territory throughout the Pacific if there was going to be a time when the United States joined in combat.
In response to growing concern, on September 16, 1940, President Roosevelt signed off on the Selective Training and Service Act. The Selective Training and Service Act required every American male between the ages of 21 and 35 to register with their local draft boards. The United States was in full swing preparing a defense program “to ensure the independence and freedom of the United States.” There were no exceptions when it came to registering for the draft. If one were a male between the ages the Selective Training and Service Act required, regardless of profession they would be registered and ready to fight if the day c...

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... then some. Following the war, Major League Baseball’s attendance gradually increased as the years went on. From what I have concluded, Major League Baseball was able to survive the Second World War by the game being used as a source of morale and a way to escape from the concerns of war. Baseball also had to find ways to stay in the American public eye during the time of war as the game was losing many supporters. By way of the formation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and the use of unique tactics to keep the game afloat, baseball successfully remained in the public eye. World War II came and went and for a moment in time it seemed as if Major League Baseball would be just another casualty at the hands of the war. However, that was not the case as Major League Baseball was able to gain many more supporters as the war ended and life went on.

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