Essay on President Ronald Reagan And The Cold War

Essay on President Ronald Reagan And The Cold War

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Today we live in a world without a wall in the middle of Berlin, separating loved ones. A world not sentenced to a great depression. A world with America as a leading superpower in the world. Without Ronald Reagan, some of these things may not be. The President’s strive to end the Cold War drastically changed the world, saving lives, liberties, and possibly even the American way of life. Reagan’s efforts have sent America soaring, becoming a leading world power, militaristically, economically, and governmentally. President Ronald Reagan is, by every measure, the most influential person in history because of his impact on ending the Cold War, leaving America as the sole world superpower, creating a global economic boom lasting even until today, and his contribution toward anti-communist efforts. (The Reagan Administration; “New”).

II. Biography
On February 6, 1911, Ronald Reagan was born to John Edward Reagan and Nellie Wilson Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. In high school, Ronald was interested in drama, and student government, performing in school plays, and took the role of student body president. After high school, Reagan attended Eureka College in Illinois and majored in economics and sociology. There he participated in many athletic activities, drama performances, and served as student council president. Reagan went into a career in radio, which led to the beginning of his career in film. During his time in Hollywood, Ronald Reagan took the role of the president of the Screen Actors Guild, a labor union that represented actors and actresses (Sutherland).
As Ronald Reagan’s film career started to lessen, he became the host of a weekly television show, The General Electric Theater. He toured the united states as a public rel...

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...e” under a traditional liberal banner.” Reagan had a greater impact on his own party though. He brought republicans back into control of the Senate with his election in 1980. (Lou)
V. Conclusion
Ronald Reagan is best known as U.S. president during the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, but he had so much more of a lasting impression on the world. Not only did Ronald Reagan end the Cold War, he increased the size and power of the military, he created a lasting western economic boost, creating a better world economy and created relative peace during a time of war. Ronald Reagan came from a small town in Illinois, and went on to be a renowned actor, governor, and, of course, president. Ronald Wilson Reagan has affected this world in monumental ways, and left a more peaceful, and fruitful world than he was born into. Ronald Reagan. The Power of One… Drops mic.

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