Essay on President Reagan And The President Of The United States

Essay on President Reagan And The President Of The United States

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Ronald Reagan was a man of many talents from sports, to acting, and finally politics. Reagan sought “peace through strength”; meaning that in order for us to have peace he would need the strength or power to provide us with just that. Having two terms in office it seems like Reagan was satisfied with most of what he could change in the U.S. He caused many differences throughout the nation; he made an impact. Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States of America; holding his seat from 1981 to 1989. Implementing Reaganomics which was basically meant to cut taxes which in turn generates more revenue. Reagan wanted “the American people to believe in themselves again” that was one of his main goals and some would say that he succeeded in doing that. His presidency is highly ranked by the American people in certain polls as well. No matter if you agree about President Reagan you can’t really say that his presidency didn’t have some sort of impact on your life. In this essay I will discuss Reagan’s upbringing, goals/objectives, and the obstacles that he had to overcome in order for him to succeed.
Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. According to the author of God and Ronald Reagan, Paul Kengor, Reagan had strong faith in the goodness of the people which he may have gotten from his mother Nelle Wilson Reagan whom he admired. Reagan applied hard work and dedication to get through Eureka College. While there he studied subjects like economics, played sports and even made the football team, as well as played in school plays. To have all that on his plate it’s quite remarkable he got his school assignments done at all seeing as he was working as a dishwasher and any other job he could get at the time. After gradu...

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... he is forgetting certain things. He is diagnosed with Alzheimer 's Disease after tests were taken by a few doctors.
Many wouldn’t agree that Reagan was a very helpful president while others see him as being a renowned hero American hero. I have no real opinion on it from what I learned he has helped in certain areas, but he hurt it many as well. From what I’ve heard about him growing up he wasn’t much help to the neighborhoods I would soon grow up in. I’m not much of a fan of politics, but I do understand certain things that could possibly benefit the world and one of those was the reduction of nuclear weapons. Whether you agreed with Reagan or you didn’t we have to see the light in what he did and the dark because we allowed him in the office we have no one else to blame for his wrong doings but us. As for the good he did we can grow as a nation and become better.

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