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Contrary to popular belief that presidents are to blame for the economy, the facts say differently. When it comes to the economy, presidents are at the mercy of the business cycle. Many times, the state of the economy depends on what happened in the previous administration. In economic terms, the most powerful person in the United States is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Actually, the only thing the president can really do is nominate the members of the Federal Reserve Board. There are tools to influence the business cycle, but the President has almost no control over them.

I am currently under my parents’ family health care plan which cost $308 per month after my mom’s employer pays their part. My sister’s company pays 100% for her health care plan. If Americans cannot afford to pay for their own health care, should the government pick up the tab? Who should take the lead, state or national? The answers to the questions will redirect the course of American federalism in the years to come. Health care is a humanitarian right, but not a basic right that is guaranteed.

Many Americans think that the Bush-era NCLB has actually worsened the quality of education. Although NCLB started a national conversation about student achievement, unintended consequences of NCLB have reinforced the wrong behaviors in attempting to strengthen public education. NCLB has created incentives for states to lower their standards; emphasized punishing failure over rewarding success; focused on absolute scores, rather than recognizing growth and progress; and prescribed a pass-fail, one-size-fits-all series of interventions for schools that miss their goals. Educators and the public have seen the uselessness of all the testing that ha...

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...ustees’ report shows, but it will then face a significant funding shortfall that the President and Congress should address reasonably soon. A mix of tax increases and modest benefit reductions could put the program on a sound financial footing indefinitely. By enacting these changes, policymakers could reassure future generations that they, too, will be able to count on this successful program.

5) With the national debt reaching around 17 trillion dollars, it’s a miracle that we are still around because we spiraling downward at such a quick rate. Since Obama took office. Our debt has increased 70%, from 10.5 trillion to nearly 18 trillion. I am sick and tired of the wasted government spending with no regard to the future of our nation or its children. I am no expert, but if we are to preserve the nation for future generations, we need a balanced budget amendment.

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