The President Of The Empowerment Plan Essay

The President Of The Empowerment Plan Essay

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The speaker I saw was Veronika Scott, BFA, and also the CEO of the Empowerment Plan based in Detroit, Michigan. Scott 's purpose of the speech was to inform, more specifically, to bring light to the obstacles homeless people face on a daily basis. She told her firsthand accounts of seeing homelessness from an outside perspective and how she was inspired to help change these people 's lives. She designed a coat for the homeless that doubles as a sleeping bag. This speech was put on by the University Speaker Series but people from outside UW Oshkosh came to see her speak.
Her organizational pattern was in chronological order, starting with her background and working up to where she is now. The first point she discussed was her background and where the idea for the coat she designed came. Second, the struggles she saw homeless people in Detroit face. Third, how she started the Empowerment Plan and where it is today. Each bit of information and personal narrative flowed together to make a larger story. From an audience member 's viewpoint, her story was easy to follow and her transition...

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