President Obama’s speech at the University of Hartford

President Obama’s speech at the University of Hartford

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On April 8, 2013, President Barack Obama spoke at the University of Hartford on behalf of those who died in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. President Obama addressed the people of the state of Connecticut and on a federal level. The broadcasting networks provided live coverage of President Obama’s speech, and a national audience listened as the president’s addressing the issues and the next steps forward for the country. The impact of this tragedy and previous massive shootings and Obama’s explanation have been a subject of a controversial debate. I plan on using the pentadic method to analyze President Obama’s speech regarding Sandy Hook and gun control. What we can learn about the method by using it to examine this particular artifact is that the five elements of the pentad can demonstrate the motives of the rhetor. As we examine the ratios, we can reveal the worldview and the purpose of his policies on behalf of the shooting. Moreover, it is also an emotional and dramatic situation that tells a story. This paper will examine some the rhetorical choices Obama has made utilizing an emotional appeal to his audience in his address on April 8, 2013 to identify the dramas it creates to both facilitate and its motivation while appealing to two audiences: voters and parents. I will use this example to consider how a rhetor might construct and concurrently present multiple dramas that function to influence multiple audiences that otherwise might reject its message. It will then speculate on the impact that those choices may have on audience response to the speech. The tool used for this investigation will be the Pentadic Method from Kenneth Burke.  The examination of President Obama’s speech...

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...motives of the rhetor on why he strongly advocates for gun control.

“Can we say that we are doing enough that we are keeping our children safe, all of them, from harm?”
“Are we truly doing enough to give all the children in this country to live their lives with happiness and purpose.” No we are not doing enough, and we have to change.
4th time, of mass shootings.

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