President Obamacare Is The Worst Thing Since Slavery Essay

President Obamacare Is The Worst Thing Since Slavery Essay

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Some Americans have positively responded to his statements. A recent Iowa survey has shown that people agree with his extremities. In the Iowa Poll, conducted by The Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics, interviewers contacted about 3,000 randomly selected active voters from the Iowa secretary of state’s voter registration list by telephone (Jacobs). The results revealed Carson had advanced in the polls by receiving 28 percent, which was 9 percent more than previous front-runner Donald Trump. Many of his controversial statements are appealing to a majority of Republican caucusgoers. For example, 81 percent liked that Carson has said Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery and 73 percent liked that he questions whether a Muslim should ever be president. According to Real Clear Politics, Carson is currently third, behind Cruz and Trump respectively, in the Iowa polls. Although he is no longer the front-runner in the Iowa polls, the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics revealed Carson has a strong foundation of supporters who agree with his extreme rhetoric.
Despite these supporters, some Americans have not responded as well to Carson’s statements. Ruth Marcus, from Real Clear Politics, writes, “Carson 's ignorance is of a more subtle sort, delivered with his genial bedside manner. It unfolds not in indignant sound bites but in paragraphs of pure blather” (Marcus). Marcus believes that his statements are subtle, but unintelligent. His gentle speech delivery covers the ignorance of his words. Some critics worry about how his statements reflect on the Republican party. Peter Wehner, from the Wall Street Journal, writes, “This is the kind of rhetorical recklessness that convinces many Americans that Republican leaders a...

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... his ability to lead and unite the nation. In all four debates, he has spoken for a total of 36 minutes and 21 seconds. While other candidates are fighting each other for time, Carson uses the small time he is given to make powerful statements.
Carson’s extreme rhetoric is resonating with Republican voters. He has a very deep suspicion and expressed his conspiratorial thinking. In his book Gifted Hands, Carson wrote, “I have sunshine in my heart regardless of conditions around me.” Many people believe that he has the right character, but question whether he was the knowledge and understanding to be president. According to the Real Clear Politics, he has fallen to fourth place in the Republican National Polls. While Dr. Ben Carson may not become our next president, his inspiring background, soft-spoken speech, and extreme rhetoric have left a mark on modern politics.

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