President Obama 's Speech On State Floor Essay

President Obama 's Speech On State Floor Essay

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On his speech “State Floor”, broadcasted from The White House on September 10, 2014, president Obama makes a statement about the ongoing chaos caused by the terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). President Obama delivers his message to the people of the United States of America as he addresses them as “my fellow Americans”. President Barak Obama endeavors to comfort and persuade the American people that ISIL will soon be eradicated, by successfully using the rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos. During American prime time; 9:00 pm EDT, a day before the 13th anniversary of 9/11 the president of the United States appears on the State Floor of the White House to let the American people know that he is doing all he can to stop terrorists from repeating the 9/11 attack. Mr. Obama asserts that the United States and its allies will “degrade and ultimately destroy the ISIL”.
Mr. President uses variety of ways to gain trust from his audience, he displays confidence as he speaks, addresses his previous works; the killing of one of the most dangerous and feared terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden and his sub-leaders in Somalia and Yemen. By mentioning his previous success of destroying the terrorist leaders, he makes his audience feel safe by letting them know that America can do it again. It gives the people who were watching the speech a sense of security and the sense of America’s power over the terrorist groups, ultimately letting the people know that America will not only stop the ISIL, but also bravely destroy them. In the United States (maybe in the entire world), the US’s president is seen as the most powerful individual in the world. Which means that president Obama already has many people, and in t...

... middle of paper ... tells his audience that together America will fight against terrorism to the end. At the end, he comforts the American people by telling them that their security is his number one priority and that he will do everything in his power to keep America safe.
Overall, in this speech he has not only comforted the American people but has also clarified the misconception about the Muslim people, as he successfully persuaded the American people that ISIL is simply a terrorist group and not a religion. By using his credibility he was able to inform his viewers about the chaos and threats of ISIL. Through the choice of his words, he was able to relate to his audience. By restating the core values of country he was able to make the people have faith in America, and ultimately, using his clear structure he was able to clarify the misconception about the Muslim people and ISIL.

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