President Obama Is A Well Known Political Figure Essay

President Obama Is A Well Known Political Figure Essay

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President Barack Obama has been a well-known political figure for just over 8 years; he has served two terms as the President of the United States. There has been controversy surrounding the first African American president, after his first term Obama failed to prove to America that he would fix all the things he promised to fix upon election. With his second term he has set in place his views and goals for the country. Obama’s views have been trying to benefit the overall population of American, from the poor all the way to the rich with a few subclasses in-between. During the Inauguration of his second term, won against Mitt Romney. His opponent stood for many things that were conflicting to Obamas platform, while Obama stood for rehabilitating the poor after the recession, Romney wanted to focus on tax breaks for the rich. Throughout the speech given by President Barack Obama, he outlines necessary changes in the system to benefit the people and the need for people to come together as one to have an effective country.
Every four years we vote for another president, they can either be the current being reelected as long as they have only served one term or it can be a eligible candidate for president. In 2012 America reelected Barack Obama as the president for a second term. Every president sets goals for the people during their inaugural address, for President Obama, he focused on; joining all Americans together as a nation, moving out of a state of war, recovering the economy, etc.
A presidential inauguration is a moment where an elected president is given the opportunity to thank American and the voters who contributed to their win, in Obamas case he focused his “thank yous” on the Democratic voters. From the opening of his ...

... middle of paper ...

Inaugural addresses work to explain to the American population the goals that the president has, attempt to unify the country, and also is a time to thank the voters that assisted in their election. Obama sets out his goals of fixing the problem with gay marriage and equal pay. It is clearly expressed that he is passionate about both of these topics because he repeats the statements that reference them, and uses stories to justify why Americans should care. Obama works hard to ensure the country is unified which explains why he chooses to use the work together, and we multiple times. Throughout the speech he discusses a topic that everyone shares, the events of American history has shaped everyone and played a key role in where America is now. The speech effectively fulfilled its purpose of displaying the different goals President Obama has for the country.

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