President Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen Essay

President Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen Essay

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Annually broadcasted to all the United States, the White House Correspondents Dinner is a celebration of media networks and newscaster through praise and entertainment by the president. Among the crowd are well-known celebrities, politicians, and other invited guest. The dinner, held in 2011 during President Obama 's term as president, comically addresses the proper delegation of news stories, specifically what is considered headline news. The speeches entirety lasts 22 minutes upon which we will focus on the last eleven. The speeches humor refers to the allegation, which has since been proven false, that President Obama is a natural-born citizen. Donald Trump, constantly found in the mix between politics and pop culture, was one of the main instigators of these allegations. Amidst the crowd is Mr. Trump himself.
One might believe that the audience of this event is for all Americans, but much of the rhetoric expressed in the speech is inclined for people who understand politics and are briefed on current events. Generally these are individuals who have higher education. However several celebrities are in attendance along with a guest comedian to perform following the president 's speech. This broadens the audience to individuals who are interested in pop culture. Those watching the event are middle class and above who seek to watch the news, political events, or famous people get a little humiliated. Assumably viewers are in their twenties and above due to the complex humor. Despite this being an audience of many different types of people, the message is directed at media sources, individuals who influence the masses, and the common citizen.
The event is aired primarily on stations like Fox News and CNN. The event itself isn 't ...

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...ards "our ' U.S troop who sacrifice their lives in the salvation of freedom and for "fellow" Americans who were devastated by the destruction in Alabama. Equally Obama also thanks news reporter who have lost and risk their lives to bring "us" a story. He is sleekly playing at people 's emotion to realize that making a mockery of the legitimacy of his presidency is instead making a mockery of the importance of those in peril.
The media and pop-culture icons sway public opinion better than any other medium of news and conversation. Directly speaking to both and bringing up their lack in discussing essential material in front of the very people who consume it is the president 's subtle objective.The death of troops and destruction of homes in Alabama, which compromises safety, is a story worth being headline news. It should be the main focus and distribution of stories.

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