President Nixon, John F. Kennedy And Ronald Reagan Essay

President Nixon, John F. Kennedy And Ronald Reagan Essay

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I believe that the three most significant presidents that the United States has ever had are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. I choose to talk about these three leaders because all three of these leaders were known to do incredible things and were each able to create hope for the American people.
All three of these presidents had different leadership styles, however, there is a variety of leadership traits that were the same in these three presidents. The first characteristic that each one of these presidents had was the able to make crucial decisions in extremely stressful times. For example, President Kennedy did not attack the Soviet Union during the miscommunication of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also, President Roosevelt made the crucial decisions that pulled the American people out of the Great Depression. Secondly, each of the presidents had extremely strong communication traits and wanted to tell the America people what they are doing. Ronald Regan states that, “Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.” This quote is depicting how by simply communicating, information will get through the Soviet Union of the atrocities that the USSR was doing. Furthermore, President Roosevelt was the first resident to utilize the American radio to talk to the American people. He also was able to use communication to rally the American people and give them hope during the Great Depression and to also increase support to go to World War II.
On the other hand, each of these president had a variety of different leadership characteristics, but each president had a plethora of extremely important leadership trait that made t...

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...hey borrowed and allowed them to keep that supplies even after World War II. Lastly, Ronald Regan’s weakest leadership trait is that he passed a variety of legislation that raised the nations debt and also increase the unemployment rate in America.
The president that I believe my leadership traits resemble the most would have to be John F. Kennedy. I resemble him because one of my highest scores was self-confident and also I try to be friendly and forgive everyone. The president that I do not resemble would have to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I believe that I do not resemble him because he was known to speak his mind and also to be extremely empathetic to people. I rarely speak my mind, unless I strongly disagree with something and I am not that empathetic towards people. Lastly, I feel as if I have some of Regan’s strong traits and also some of his weak traits.

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