President John F. Kennedy 's Presidential Campaign Essay

President John F. Kennedy 's Presidential Campaign Essay

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With another election coming up in 1964, President John F. Kennedy had come to Texas to prepare for his next presidential campaign because he believed winning the vote in Texas was crucial. Jackie Kennedy, the President’s wife, went with him on his trip to Dallas, and this visit was her first public appearance since the loss of their newborn son, Patrick, in August of that same year. President Kennedy knew that the party leaders in Texas were in conflict and that this could potentially jeopardize his chances of winning the vote in Texas. His goal for the trip was to unify the state’s Democrats, but Kennedy also knew that a small group of activists was causing political tension in Texas. He knew that this group of activists might make their presence known, especially in the city of Dallas, where a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations had been physically attacked a month before. Despite these risks, Kennedy wanted to go to Texas because he felt he could win over the hearts of the people there ("November 22, 1963: Death of the President").
On the sunny afternoon of November 22, 1963, President Kennedy learned that his decision to visit Dallas was a detrimental mistake. President Kennedy was shot in the motorcade that afternoon, and to this day, there is still uncertainty as to who actually shot him. His death has been one of the most controversial mysteries in all of history. Fortunately, a dress manufacturer by the name of Abraham Zapruder, whose business was in the Dal-Tex building located in Dealey Plaza, happened to record the assassination.
Although Zapruder originally intended to bring his Bell & Howell Director Series Model 414 Zoomatic Camera to work that day, he left the camera at home because of the dreary weather that...

... middle of paper ...

...t caused it. Despite the uncertainty, the belief concluded by most is that a third bullet was fired that day that missed President Kennedy (Goggins).
Additional evidence of a third shot can be found in an interview with eyewitness Emmett Hudson who was standing on the steps of the grassy knoll leading down to the roadside with two other men while watching the procession. Seen in Orville Nix’s film wearing a tan-colored hat, Hudson said after the assassination, “I happened to be looking right at him when that bullet hit him…the second shot … it looked like it hit somewhere along about a little bit behind the ear.” Hudson dove for cover upon hearing the second shot and watching the President get shot. While on the ground, Hudson said that he heard a third shot. He said of one of the shots, “You could tell the shot was coming from above and kind of behind” (Morley).

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