Essay about President John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech

Essay about President John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech

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The first speech a person delivers can make or break other people’s initial impressions of

him or her, giving them a reputation that may overshadow other qualities, good or bad. The

crowd could love every word of the speech, and the speaker would revel in their everlasting

applause. On the other hand, it could leave a stinging impression on the audience that would

inhibit them from looking past this one particular speech if it did not suit their opinions. This

type of situation can be every politician’s greatest fear, knowing his or her words will be

remembered by so many people. Still, when being inaugurated, many American presidents have

used this opportunity to allow their listeners to remember exactly why they won the election.

With help from his speech writer, Ted Sorensen, President John F. Kennedy was able to use his

inaugural speech as a tool to proclaim to Americans and the citizens of the world the many tasks

he hoped to accomplish during his time in office, including world unity and help for the less

fortunate. His words continue to be relevant to all, as his goals are continuously met and

improved. The inaugural address of John F. Kennedy used many different rhetorical techniques

in order to explain his political beliefs and views on the current state of the world, which in turn

motivated others to join his mission to better the world, then and now.

When Kennedy became the President in 1961, he faced an era filled with tension, war,

and poverty. The Civil Rights Movement was heating up and spreading throughout the country.

Civil Rights protesters were being killed and harassed, and the expectation for Kennedy to do

something about it was mounting. On the international front, after th...

... middle of paper ...

...s those improvements could be completed. As the first

impression viewers received of Kennedy as president, it was quite a success for him. He was able

to balance multiple calls to action with just what was necessary to accomplish his main priorities

for bettering America and the world. Any listener at the time or contemporary reader today is

amped up by his words and tremendously proud to be American, seeing all that has been

accomplished since those words were uttered fifty-four years ago. Kennedy knew that anything

could be achieved, but just how long it might take could certainly vary. With extreme effort and

God’s help, everyone knew that his mission to form and continue alliances and assure liberty for

all was rather feasible. To this day people continue to work for all the good that Kennedy aimed

to begin, doing what they can for their country.

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