The President Is The Most Influential Character Of The Government? Essay

The President Is The Most Influential Character Of The Government? Essay

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Do you think the president is the most influential character of the government? If your answer is yes, you 're wrong. During the early 1900’s President Woodrow Wilson vetoed the Volstead Act, but congress passed it anyway bringing on the beginning of the prohibition. Congress holds a lot of authority, even over the President of the United States! Congress is a bicameral legislature, meaning it has two parts; The House of Representatives and The Senate. Both these legislatures have comparisons and contrasts between their functions, organization, and stature.

The term function means the purpose behind something, so what would the function of the Congress be? Congress has five main functions: lawmaking, representing the people, performing oversight, helping constituents, and educating the public. This is something both the House and the Senate have control over. Concurrent powers can be exercised simultaneously in the same territory and in relation to the same body of citizens. This means that both the national government and the state government can exercise these powers. These powers include regulating taxes, borrowing money, and regulating commercial activity. The House and Senate do have contrasts however, and they might not be obvious. The Senate can ratify treaties by a majority vote, which means the Senate has the power to approve or deny a national agreement. This requires a ⅔ vote of members, then it reaches the president to be “ratified.” The Senate is often called the upper house, the term reflects the superior power that the Senate member have over the House members. As for the House of Representatives, they have the power to elect the President of the United States, this only happens when the electoral votes are...

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...ress, I think with the recent shutdown of the government, people aren’t seeing congress’s power in action. Personally, congress can take more action in dealing with the people of the states, because clearly they aren’t happy with any reforms that Congress has to offer.

We see here all of the functions Congress holds, as well as the Senate and the House. The President gets the publicity, but if Congress doesn’t agree on something than Congress that power to accept or deny an ideas, laws, bill, etc. that come from the President. They oversee, educate the public, make laws, this type of responsibility takes an army. That is why there are many members in Congress, without these driven individuals America may not have stayed within the framework the Framers intended. Abraham Lincoln once said “No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.”

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