The President Has The Dominance Force Foreign Policy Making Essay

The President Has The Dominance Force Foreign Policy Making Essay

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I believe that the president has the dominance force in foreign policy making because the President is the Head of the States and he has the power to appoint his ambassadors and members of the states, and grant pardon but the president can’t make the foreign policy without the Congress approval. Other than that, he is the commander in chief of the United States military so I believe the President has a dominance force toward foreign policy making. But according to the Constitution of the United States, the President and the Congress divided the foreign policy power. Both of the legislative and executive branches each play different important roles but sometimes they are working together to change the foreign policy and make them better throughout the life of the policy. The power divided between the president and the Congress is purposed to provide check and balance between the two branches to make sure one branch is not overpower the other and make them share the same responsibilities.
Chief diplomat is one of the important of the president, it doesn’t stats in the Constitution but it gives the President the power to receive foreign diplomats. The president acts as the director of the foreign policy by appointing ambassadors and secretary of states for the foreign countries. The president shared those powers with the Senate, they confirm the president’s office appointments to advice on and consent those treaties made by the president.
The president makes new policy or make changes to the current policy by response to an action or an event happen in foreign country that might affect the national interest and need immediate attention. As the head of the country and the commander in chief of the military, the president often nee...

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...the country.
The president is the leader in foreign policy but the Senates are the one control and make the policy better. The president and the Congress play important roles in the making of foreign policy but their roles are different. Two branches work together to change the policies and make them better over the period of time. Even though the president is the head of the nation but he doesn’t make all the decision by himself, some of the decision needs to be approving by the Congress. The president still can reach executive agreement with foreign countries without the 2/3 consent from the Senates. The Congress hold an important power that they control the “purse” of the nation, all the funding request for aid or military reasons need to be approved by the Congress. I think the legislative and executive are depending on each other in the foreign policy making.

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