President Harry Truman 's School Lunch Program Essay

President Harry Truman 's School Lunch Program Essay

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President Harry Truman initiated The School Lunch Program (NSLP) in 1946, it was established under the National School Lunch Act. The program provides nutritionally balanced, low‐cost lunches to more than 32 million boys and girls each school day.The NSLP ensures the nutrition,portion, and safety of our children food, over the years do to the rise of childhood obesity the The USDA School Lunch Program is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our youth. Many concerned citizens, such as Eric schlosser author of Fast Food Nation believes that the USDA is not providing our children with the right nourishment. Many parents are taking it into their own hand and creating and joining advocacy groups. It is crucial that our youth receive nutrient packed lunches, for many students with financial situations it can be the only meal they receive.

Childhood obesity is a plaguing the United States. In the past 2 decades, childhood obesity has tripled and it is now estimated that one in six children in the US is overweight. That is an astonishing number compared to the rest of the world. adolescent obesity is incredibly unsafe and can lead to many health problems in the future for instance , type two diabetes, asthma, and high cholesterol. The children 's diet that are high in calories and fat and low fruits and vegetables and lack of exercise is linked to obesity.“Twenty years ago, teenage boys in the United States drank twice as much milk as soda; now they drink twice as much soda as milk.” (Schlosser). Many of children have easy access to sugary drinks in vending machines provided by schools. The benefits good nutrition for children is Healthy weight for height, Mental well-being, Ability to learn and concentrate, and Reduced risk...

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...'s well-being. Eating too much and exercising too little can lead to overweight and related health problems that can follow children into their adult years. You can take an active role in helping your child--and your whole family--learn healthy eating and physical activity habits that can last for a lifetime.”(National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases). By teaching and encouraging healthy eating habits, Offer healthy food options at home and Limiting fast food and junk food. It is also important to Limit your child’s time using a TV, computer, cell phone, or game station and encourage them to participate in physical activity. A great way to do this is to sign your children up for sports. Fast Food Nation started the discussion of America’s Food epidemic, yet sadly fifteen years has later and not all of the issues exposed in FFN have been resolved.

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