Essay about President Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression

Essay about President Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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On April 23, 1934, United States Senator Huey P. Long delivered his most well-known speech to the American people via radio. His speech became known as “Every Man A King.” During this time period, the United States had felt the effects of the Great Depression for about five years and looked to the president for a solution to their suffering. Both presidents during this time, President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had the responsibility of facing the economic depression and leading the United States out from the clutches of the Great Depression. Feeling that he himself would resolve the issues more effectively, the senator committed himself to run for president in 1936, threatening the current president Roosevelt. But, Long never got the chance to run for president, as he was assassinated in September of 1935. Before he was shot, he delivered his “Every Man a King” speech to the American public, where he hoped to convince them that the extreme wealth and power held in the hands of the minute elite had devastated the United States’ economy. He continued to explain that his plan, known as the Share Our Wealth Society, would revive the American economy and persuade his audience that he would be the most qualified man to restore America, attempting to gain support for his political campaign for president of the United States.
Long implements passages of pathos, containing phrases of diction with negative connotations, strategically throughout the speech to convey to the people the injustices the wealthy elite cause. His identification of the “guilty” party not only gives the people a scapegoat for the economic suffering, but also provides the people with something to disapprove of: centralized power/wealth....

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...y great philosophers and sources, his pathos detailing the centralized power held by the elite, and his logos of facts and figures to support his claim, Long presents a well-balanced speech to the audience of nearly twenty-five million listeners. By guiding his listeners through his plan to revitalize the United States and encouraging his listeners to take action, he urges his fellow Americans to join him in the making of modern history. The revolutionary Share Our Wealth Society launched Long into the center of politics in Washington, gathered him nearly 7.5 million members to his society, but more importantly, proved him to be one of the most charismatic and flamboyant politicians of the 20th century, ultimately paving the way for future democratic socialists and progressive liberals aimed at accomplishing the same goals as Huey Long: decentralizing welt and power.

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