President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( Fdr ) Essay examples

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( Fdr ) Essay examples

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During the 1930’s there were over 10,000,000 people who were unemployed. Imagine being blamed for this and having do something about it. You try to keep your cool and come up with a plan.You then decide to help by making a program that helped over 8.5 million people get jobs. You then fund them to create things like plays and actors. You also fund things like artists to paint murals. You then realize that this is helping people economically and you give it a name, and elaborate on it. This is what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) did when the United States was dealing with high unemployment rates. This exemplifies how FDR was strategic, smart, and able to stay calm.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30,1882 in Hyde Park, NY. His parents were Sara Delano and Jamer Roosevelt. He already had a half brother who was about 30 years older than him. As a kid he was educated by tutors from ages 9-14. When he turned 15 he went to Groton, which was considered one of the best schools at the time. This was because he was privileged and able to afford it. He wanted to be a sailor at a young age but never had the chance to. When he was 18 he went to Harvard and maintained a C average, to only end up going to Columbia Law School.
Roosevelt got married to Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a former first lady, on March 17, 1905. President Theodore Roosevelt gave her away to FDR. When Roosevelt turned 24 he became a lawyer. He was appointed the Navy Senator by Woodrow Wilson, at age 29. He had his first child in 1914 named Anna Roosevelt. After that he had four spell out numbers under 10. more children named James, Elliott, FDR Jr, and John Aspinwall Roosevelt, in that respective order. When Roosevelt turned 38 he became the running ...

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...l Harbor. After that he had people examine Honolulu, Hawaii. The learned about Japan’s technology. They also learned about their fighting style. Due to his ability to stay calm, FDR was as effective as he was after the Pearl Harbor bombing.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great leader. The first reason why FDR was a good leader is because he was strategic. This was shown during the Great Depression. This can be shown as he helped with things like product prices. A second reason why Roosevelt was a good leader was because he was able to stay calm. This could be shown as he didn’t freak out after pearl harbor, and planned his next move. A final reason why President Roosevelt was a good leader is because he was intellectual. This is exemplified during WWII when he found out the enemies weaker forces, and attacked them first. President Roosevelt was a great leader.

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