President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Speech Essay examples

President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Speech Essay examples

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“Yesterday, December 7th, 1941- a date which will live in infamy- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan.” As President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech feel upon the ears of a nation on the brink of entering World War Two, Roosevelt knew that the nation had to be reassured that this level of attack would never happen again. One of the largest military attacks on American soil led to what is known as one the most controversial homeland security moves in the history of the United States, which rocked the country and the people within it for many generations. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the third term President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated and executive order that all Japanese Americans were to be relocated and held in internment camps to ensure another Japanese attack in the homeland would not be repeated. These internment camps held many unintended consequences such as the terrible living conditions and the violation of many civil rights. Also, they showed the priorities F.D.R had at the time to protect the country, and how the hearts of Japanese Americans stayed loyal even after going through it all.
From 1941 to 1944, more than 120,000 Japanese Americans were forcefully removed off of the west coast and relocated to any of the ten internment camps in the country. Executive orders 9066 and 9102, both signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, together justified the forceful removal and relocation of Japanese Americans. These executive orders caused a large disconcert of civil rights and liberties. Even through two Supreme Court cases, the Supreme Court favored in the government’s favor and argued that there was no violation of civil rights or libe...

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...ailed to recognize the unexpected outcomes and therefore failed in one way or another.
The Japanese Americans who resided in the United States during World War Two faced tremendous odds and heinous civil rights violations. Though it is most often spoken of the bravery and embodiment of the American spirit through the men and women who fought and sacrificed so much for this country during the war in both the European and Pacific theaters. Without taking away from the brave men and women of the war, it is as much if not more rewarding to dive into the turmoil and struggles that Japanese Americans had to deal with from their very own government. It is rewarding to see how the Japanese American’s spirits towards the United States never quivered even after the unintended consequences brought on by the internment camps and the decision making of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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