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government and each time they were defeated at some point in the process. It would not be until 1947 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt established his Committee on Civil Rights through executive order 9809 that a Federal mandate was passed which prohibited lynching in the United States. The fear of lynching eventually came to a stop, in part of the work by the President Roosevelt and those in Washington, however, racial discrimination in the South during the next three decades would be some hardest the South would see since the beginning of the 20th century.
As the Great Depression fell upon America, the black community was affected as much during this period of American history as any. Although, history has failed to enlighten the world on these affects many black families suffered greatly during the depression. If racial discrimination wasn’t enough now with white people losing their jobs, many blacks were fired from the “menial” jobs so that whites would have a job to support their families. A group of whites in Atlanta who had lost prominent jobs in the city, were angry to see that blacks who held jobs such as cooks, trash collectors and other less desirable jobs were still working. Because of this they started of slogan to campaign against blacks continuing to work when whites were out of work, “ No job for N----- until every white man has a job”. A white woman from Georgia went so far as to write President Roosevelt in 1935 to complain about blacks working when white people were out of work. She stated in a letter to the president, “ Negros being worked everywhere instead of white men it don’t look that is rite”. The blacks were doing absolutely nothing wrong except earning a day’s wages and doing ...

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...ite supremacy was finally brought down. In 1962, the Confederate flag was placed atop the South Carolina capital where it would fly for the next 32 years, until the NAACP, put sanctions against the state of South Carolina unless it was taken down. The fight for the removal of the Confederate flag from atop the capital building would take six years. In the year 2000, exactly 100 years since blacks had first started realized that whites in America wanted to revoke what President Lincoln had given them through the 13th Amendment, yet again, triumphed as the flag is removed from the capital to the grounds of the capital. Although the 20th century has come and gone the victories of the black community continue even today. Racial discrimination will never completely be abolished, however it takes the work of all within a community to keep from infiltrating our lives.

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