Essay on The President And The Bureaucracy

Essay on The President And The Bureaucracy

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1. a. As outlined in article 2 of the Constitution, the president as chief legislator and is responsible for shaping policy. The connection between Congress and the executive is one of the most important aspects of government. The Constitution is discrete about the president 's part in legislating, yet the president can collect information for the bureaucracy, give a legislative agenda to Congress, and go to the public for backing his legislative agenda. The president may propose an appeal to Congress, to enact laws he believes are needed. He can try to sway Congress through promises of support and favors. The President stays in touch with Congress formally through written letters, private meetings, parties, and phone calls. When the president gets a bill, he chooses whether to veto it, use the pocket veto, sign it, or do nothing. If the president does nothing, and Congress is still in session 10 days later it becomes law.

The president and the bureaucracy is a major foundation of information and influence for the president, but its awkward makeup requires controls and may often work against the president. Retaining control over 2 million employees is a round-the-clock occupation itself. Affiliates of the bureaucracy work to guard their own interest or their departments when in jeopardy of budget cuts. They may overlook the presidents requests and delay or impaired his agenda. To gain the support of his bureaucracy, the president must negotiate and convince the executive offices of the presidency.

The president is the chief administrator and the leader of the executive branch of the federal government. This branch administers and carries out the laws passed by the legislative branch and is headed by the president. The executiv...

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...tes and municipalities. It is for this purpose that a decrease in federal aid by matching grants to block the grants is happening. This has given the states greater flexibility to execute federally funded programs in curtail federal mandates, devolving the federal responsibilities to lower levels of government. Advocates of block grants believe that block grants increased government proficiency and critics argue that block grants weaken the accomplishments of national objectives. The Supreme Court decided the federal government only has power that is interpreted within the Constitution. Implied powers of the federal government has long been disputed between the federal government and the belief in the sovereignty of the states. The Supreme Court stands by the belief of the sovereignty to the states. Therefore, states are within their rights to implement block grants.

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