Essay President And Foreign Policy Making

Essay President And Foreign Policy Making

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Cassandra Boykins
Professor Xiao
Pols 301

Who Is A Head of State
As I sit at home scrolling through videos on YouTube off of my old PC laptop, I come across videos from 2012 of Republican Politician Karl Rove and Governor Mitt Romney responding to President Barack Obama 's West Point speech about foreign policy. As I listen to both men voice their opinion on the matter, I start to wonder why is the president the most dominant force in foreign policy making, what is congress role in this policy area, and should Congress have an important role in it? Well this essays aim is to answer all three questions.
When it comes to the president and foreign policy making, the president is the dominant force behind everything. This is because the president sets priorities, proposes solutions, shapes and vetoes legislation. A veto, which is the right to reject a policy or bill, helps the president influence legislation. To override a veto is usually very hard and that is why by having the right to veto, the president can influence the change or dismissal of such proposed policy or bill.
The president also has the ability to convince congress and the general public to see things his way. Because the president is the most powerful man on the U.S. he can persuade people into doing the things he wants, even if it is not beneficial to others. And this works well in the presidents favor seeing as though he is the foreign policy leader. As I go on you will see that the persuasion and influence of the presidency has grown and has exceeded the power of Congress.
Now when it comes to Congress, it has been really hard for Congress to assert it 's role in the policy area. The Congressional role is to make...

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...ent is dominant and for others Congress is dominant, but for the most part the branches share responsibility. Now you start to realize that the power between the President and Congress is a complex one. Almost all proposals emerge from Congress in a very different form from when they were introduced. Even though the president can have a considerable influence over the final shape of a policy, what really influences a policies fate is dependent upon the major events at the time and/or the personality of the president and the composition of Congress. It also depends on how persuasive a president is with Congress in getting his legislative agenda passed. But I enjoy the checks and balances we have in place today. It keeps each branch from having sole power over how things are run, even if it takes a year or so to get policies passed. Now back to scrolling through videos.

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