The Presidency Of The United States Essay

The Presidency Of The United States Essay

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to the fact it is her second time attempting something that has not yet been accomplished by any female politicians.
Several others feel the Presidency of the United States; would be something Hillary is capable of winning but she would also have a hard time with the election and it will not be easy because there are people who believe that being the President of the United States is too tough of a task and that a woman would not be able to handle the work. This was the first speech given by Clinton since leaving the state department she has been pushing this to happen. Clinton insists that the work in America for women’s rights and the equality is “unfinished businesses” she also said she looks forward to being a partner in the fight in all the days and years ahead to gain equality for women. She was stating that she is ready for the commitment to becoming head of state and plans to make sure she is not only fighting for what’s right, but also fighting for the people in society and America.
She made her speech and spoke quite a bit on the rights of women and girls in the developing nation she made it clear that this country has come so far but at the same time there is still work to be done. Clinton said “let’s keep fighting for opportunity and dignity that we deserve as a country, become stronger, and work as one” she also said “let’s keep fighting for freedom and equality”. Clinton made a great statement in which she called the work for women’s right’s a “core imperative” if the United States is to remain and it should an economic leader in the world. She then concluded her speech by saying “women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights once and for all!”
However, she came off strong to let voters know ...

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...lso attended Harvard University, which granted her a master 's degree in public administration in 1971. In 1979 she had risen to become minister of finance in the administration of William Tolbert. Tolbert was deposed and executed in 1980 in a coup led by army sergeants Samuel K. Doe, Ellen lost her position. She served briefly in this position due to the Doe’s human-right abuse became overwhelming and clear. Ellen believed her life was in danger and she fled into exile in Kenya. She worked there for several years as vice president of the regional office of Citicorp and as a senior loan officer for the World Bank.
The article in The Guardian was a great influence and helped to justify women’s’ equality in politics. The Rise of ritual killings in Liberia prompted President Ellen Johnson to pledge to a security crackdown and emerge from the shadow of an Ebola epidemic.

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