The Presidency Of The Modern Presidency Essay

The Presidency Of The Modern Presidency Essay

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In the midst of the Great Depression, the American people elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Whether the people were voting for Roosevelt or against President Herbert Hoover, the outcome of the 1932 Presidential Election would dramatically change the American presidency. The presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt represents a fundamental and permanent change to the American presidency, the Roosevelt administration symbolizes the creation of the modern presidency. As opposed to the pre-modern presidency, the modern presidency is considerably more powerful and prominent in both domestic and international spheres.
The changes that formed the modern presidency shaped a presidency that uses power aggressively and significantly. The modern presidency was triggered by the changing landscape of both global and domestic affairs. Attributes of the modern presidency can be associated to pre-modern presidents; however, those presidents cannot be deemed as modern presidents because the presidency was not permanently changed under those administrations. The American presidency was permanently changed as a reactionary process to the growing world. The modern presidency can be broken down into four main elements: the Executive Office of the President, a power shift in the American political system, the President’s relationship to the public, and lastly adjustment to technology. The administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt must be considered the first modern presidency because following the Roosevelt administration, the presidency was institutionally and permanently changed through the presence of each attribute. The institution of the modern presidency became concrete during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, for the Eisenho...

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...engthened presidential administrations as well as the image of presidential candidates themselves.
As a result of the creation of the Executive Office of the President, shifts in the United States’ political structure and world affairs, as well as the newly defined relationships with the American people and mass media, the modern presidency was established. The four elements that construct the modern presidency were set forth during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. While aspects of what characterizes a modern president can be associated to presidents throughout history, the presidency was not permanently and institutionally changed. The creation of the modern presidency was officially cemented during the Eisenhower administration because the changes to the institution proved to be both bipartisan and continuing throughout presidential administrations.

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