The Preservation Of The Park Essay

The Preservation Of The Park Essay

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Preservation in its purest form is an interesting concept because if followed exactly it would allow nature to grow freely, which would include the animals that cohabitate the land with the plants. Preservation in practice however is slightly different. We get national parks that glorify certain aspects of land that we now view as appealing simply because they are grand and rare. This type of thinking has lead to humans altering the environment so that it fits the way they want it to be. For instance, in Yellowstone they had an issue with wolves and elk populations that were slightly too high. “Trapping was used to supply elk for establishment of new populations elsewhere. A moratorium on elk removals in the Park was instituted in 1969, and very few elk were removed by hunting until the winter of 1975-1976”. (Eberhardt, 2007) In this case they felt the population was better suited elsewhere, which seems to be directly conflicting with the idea of preservation because it seems as though only the things which are valuable are allowed to be preserved. When the elk began to be removed other animals within the park needed to adjust, specifically the wolves that are top predators. When a food chain is broken the predator must find other way to sustain its self. In the case of wolves they are able to find other ways to feed. Eberhardt states, “Wolves will likely switch to alternate, and there are indicators of wolves killing bison, which are the only likely alternative within the park”. (2007) This is one of those cases that can make one wonder if preservation is a positive thing. It is a good example of some of its pitfalls, but it is important to note that preservation is still incredibly important. As mentioned previously, preservatio...

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...rence, 2001) A project that big could pave roads all over the country, which would mean lot of forests would be cut down to make way. It seems that humans are not so much the issue as the society in which they live in. Like America before the English, third world countries tend to be abundant in resources, or at the very least one main export. The problem with this is it creates a capitalist system that does not work in unison the environment. This is also a time to say it is important to know about society at the time of these movements, because they tend to coincide with the societal climate of the time. Despite all of this, one major thing we always seem to forget is that nature, despite our constant effort, has survived. It has been heavily altered and changed but it is still there and still important, so important that we surround ourselves with it constantly.

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