Preservation of Each Other´s Cultures Essay

Preservation of Each Other´s Cultures Essay

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“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures” (Chavez). This quotation by Cesar Chavez argues that by preserving something, people are not thinking that other things are not good for their culture. The preservation of their cultural circumstances allows them to empathize with their heritage and it also educates people of other miscellaneous cultures from different regions of the world. In Iron & Silk, Mark Salzman reveals that his journey to China, which brought him home to the United States of America, shocked him. However, he expects a lot, but when he goes to China he is surprised by looking everything different around which has a very similar to my experience from what I expect to see at the United States was very different. A person’s own cultural background influences his perceptions towards the people from other countries the way they distinguish others emotions, finances, and academics.
People’s cultural backgrounds affect one’s perceptions of others because of their emotions. Such situations can occur in both countries and in the United States. It has been shown that people from different cultures observe things differently because of the way they accommodate their culture and the way they perceive emotions of the people. For example, Salzman said, “Liang turned out to be such a cheerful man that I later wondered why he had seemed so grouchy the first time we met” (174). This reaction caused Wang to feel nervous when Wang saw a foreigner and think the foreigner is scary because he never saw a foreigner up so close to him. Wang perceives that foreigners are terrified, but in reality foreigners are not that afraid; I believe is just that Wang saw Salzman in the dark, whic...

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...I do not talk to my classmates for a while because it is unfair to a new students who do not anything about the Indian school. These academic cultural differences can cause unfavorable reactions towards both teachers and students.
In conclusion, from the novel Iron & Silk, and my personal experience it can be seen that sensibility, economic and academic can affect the way people perceives cultural background. The difficulties people face in when they moved to a different part of the world that they have a hard time getting adjusted to the cultural background because they have to adapt the new habits of living. When people go to a new country their reaction to a new situation is always surprising and shocking because the things they see in another culture is very unique. The novel focuses on how people struggle with maintaining other cultures with their own culture.

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