Essay The Preservation And Restoration Of Our Environment

Essay The Preservation And Restoration Of Our Environment

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Through the years, I have heard it pressed in our brains about “saving the planet”. By helping restore and preserve our environment is the only way to do that. The preservation and restoration of our environment should be something that unites Christians and non-Christians, black and white, and young and old. Christians, specifically, must take a stand and take action to preserve and restore our environment by recycling and forming groups to do things to help our environment. This doesn’t just help our environment, it makes Christians united with each other.
Christians have been put in charge to take care of the earth from the beginning of time. When God told Adam and Eve takes care of all of the earth, including the plants, animals, themselves, and their family. God wanted Adam and Eve to be good stewards of the things on the earth, just like God wants Christians to be good stewards of the things, He has given to us. God has made us into His image. God has called us to rule over the earth and subdue it. (Genesis 1) There are other ways to help the environment, nowadays.
There are many ways Christians, specifically, can preserve and restore our environment. One of those ways is recycling. . In a website called “What is recycling 7 reasons why we should say an interesting fact, “The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates our average (across different products and industries) recycling rate to be 32.5%.” (What is recycling 7 reasons why we should, 2008) The rest of the unrecycled waste, which the EPA explains is 12.5%, are burned in incinerators that spew harmful chemicals into the atmosphere for us to breathe. The other 55% of the trash (estimated as 250 million tons of trash a year.) are buried in landfills througho...

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...nd people who are on social assistance. (Welfare) (Hubert, D. 1992) This company gives people a chance to work, who would normally be turned down from working or are not able to work. This gives them a great opportunity for them to provide for their families and give them a pride in providing for themselves and their families.
It is time for Christians to take responsibility of how our environment becomes. Christians seem to not have a problem with pushing the blame to others when it comes issues of politics, abortion, homosexual marriage, and many others! Christians should let others know how important our planet is to them, by caring for the planet. Ultimately, when Christians care, preservation, and restoration of our environment is done, it gives glory to God by being “good stewards” of the beautiful creation, He has given to us!

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