Presentation on Lead in Cell Phones

Presentation on Lead in Cell Phones

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This is my presentation on lead in cell phones.

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Smart phones have dramatically changed the way we communicate. I know for certain that after seeing my friends during the day that when I get home I can immediately text them or snap chatting or any of the ways we communicate. I can’t imagine living in a world without being able to communicate with my friends across the room or across the globe at the click of a button. Sitting in my room I can check the news, play a game and talk to my friend in America all at the same time. The technology has advanced so much since the first iPhone. Along with other smart phones they have changed the way we communicate because we can just pick up the phone and talk to someone and you can text a question or facetime them. Smart phones have changed the world because at the tips of your fingers anywhere you can check the weather, watch a video, listen to music, take a picture, get directions, check the time, get information from the internet and watch your favorite TV show.

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Lead in number 82 on the periodic table. Lead is usually found in ore with silver and copper and it is extracted together with them. Lead occurs naturally in the environment. However, most lead that is found in the environment results from human uses such as lead from batteries, gasoline or lead that has escaped into the environment from places like smelters.

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These are the physical properties of lead. It is a metal which is usually a bluish white color. It is capable of being shaped or bent. It has poor transmission of heat or electricity It is quite soft and can be stretched without breaking.

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Leads chemical properties are that it dissolves slowly in water, it doesn’t react with oxygen in the air, it doesn’t burn and it reacts quickly with hot acids but it reacts slowly to cold ones. It is resistant to corrosion but it tarnishes when it is exposed to air and it is toxic

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Lead is usually used in cell phone screens, circuit boards and the buttons.Lead is commonly used as a stabilizer in products and for pigment in paint, rubber, plastics, and ceramics. Lead's chemical properties also make it easy to use in metal products.

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Lead impacts brain development, causing learning problems including lower IQ scores and shorter attention spans.

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Scientists have found there is no level of lead for children that is safe. The smallest amount will effect a child's ability to learn. When children are exposed to lead, the developmental and nervous system damages are almost irreversible. While no definitive proof that lead poses a cancer threat for humans, laboratory testing in rats resulted in the development of kidney tumors in the animals. So it is very important that lead does not get into water or food sources so that people are not exposed to it in what they eat or drink.

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Lead does not only just affect us it can also affect animals and the environment around us. Lead can enter water systems from sewage and if industrial waste gets into rivers. If there is too much lead in the water it can cause reproductive damage in some aquatic life and cause blood and brain changes in fish and other animals that live in the water. Wild and domestic animals can ingest lead while breathing or eating it in food, water, soil or dust. They experience the same kind of effects as people who are exposed to too much lead. Lead can pollute the environment not just with animals but in the air and in rivers and lakes. It can also damage vegetation and plant life. If animals get exposed to lead it is important that we do not eat them so preventing lead from getting into what we eat and drink is important.

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So far a lot has been done to try to reduce lead pollution. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency in the US put in place regulations to remove lead from gasoline in vehicles and as a result emissions of lead from vehicles significantly declined by 95 percent between 1980 and 1999. From this you can see that it is not a brand new known fact that lead is a danger for us and the environment and policies have been put in place since 1980. Today the main source of lead in the air is from lead smelters. Now on the EPA’s website you can see all of their different policies. There are limits now on the amount of lead that can be in drinking water, in paint, and in soil dust and also the amount of lead in the air. This refers to politics because once the government start putting laws and restrictions in place for example for lead pollution then we know that it is taken seriously and we know how much lead is allowed in the things we come into contact with in our lives.

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These are some picture of which you can see some of the dangers of lead. The first is children playing near a lead smelter which is very dangerous to them and pollutes the air. From this map you can see places where the population is affected by lead smelters and the map shows that most of this is in poor countries where the regulations are not like in the US. Often these lead smelter will make the lead that will go into the electronics. This can really help you understand why is so dangerous for those children playing near a smelter. The next picture shows a sign in Missouri listing some of the dangers of high levels of lead and what precautions you should take.

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So far most of the solutions for lead pollution have been based on the governments restricting lead in paint and gasoline however recently there have been some new solutions coming along for issues like lead contamination in tap water, lead smelting plants storage and waster water run offs. The first solution is for lead contamination in water where they can use reverse osmosis which is basically a process which allows the movement of water from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane.This is a type of biological membrane that will allow certain molecules to pass through it. This is a scientific solution which after reading into it I think could be quite effective if the right research is done into it and the right technology is available and it is also funded by the companies. Another scientific solution is to use dust suppression techniques to help lessen lead materials storage piles effect on the air. This can be done really easily and simply if the lead smelters invest more in making sure the air isn’t being polluted. These are just some of the solutions that could help manage the amount of harmful lead that is going into the environment.
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