Presentation Of The Musical Performances Essay

Presentation Of The Musical Performances Essay

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What was communicated in the musical performances that would have been 
difficult to convey in writing?

There was so much I wanted to say but obviously couldn’t say at the performances. I feel that there was so much going on that you had to sit and observe in order to take in all the emotions. What makes it more special is knowing that we are the first class to do this. We paved the way for everyone else. If my son is someday a comm major I will definitely tell him to take this class. Aduwas, performance blew my mind. I knew she had a background of being a very involved activist for the black community. But I had no idea that she could perform such a beautiful and impactful performance. She used her talents and knowledge of oppression and music and used to create a master piece. She used this class as an opportunity to bring awareness to class. This event was not enough to reflect our thoughts on what she did. There is way too much to analysis to be able to express during her performance. And Brandon’s performance blew my mind I don’t recall the other guy’s name but they did a solid job. I couldn’t help but think back to the projects they presented in the class that showed their talents in creating music. He used the event to bring awareness to the stress we college students face during finals time. I have not heard spoken word before like this before. I actually ended up having a conversation with Brandon about his performance after class. And my other classmate who wanted to run away to Vegas was another memorable song as well. I wanted to ask her why did she want to leave from here so bad? Is there a story behind the song? Not to mention everyone in the crowd including myself wanted to ask Tyler to teach how to rap that fast. ...

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...created the video I gave the idea of having him then switch to me. Although, I did not have reputation with dealing with his music we used each other’s skills to create a create video that I will show my kids someday. I mean how many people can say they created a music video? I for one loved that the fact the we created this video. And as shy as I was nick helped me feel it was okay to step out of your circle and be goofy. And soon enough I was able to be as open as he was. And many people saw this as well and hand shanked me at the fact I helped create that. Everyone at the performances helped each other out. Whether it was assisting in each other’s performances or supporting one another by chanting you can do it. Overall, believe that we all demonstrated what we learned in class during our event. Which was working together to send messages of who we are as people

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