Presentation Of The Garnier Fructis Advertisement Essay

Presentation Of The Garnier Fructis Advertisement Essay

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The Garnier Fructis advertisement, found in “Seventeen” magazine, promotes their new line of “Grow Strong” shampoo, conditioner, and treatments. The Ad features a young, attractive couple that seem to be happy. The first aspect of the ad that is noticed is the man, as he is the center of the page. The first thoughts that come to mind are that he is happy, attractive, and his girlfriend is caressing his head with her fingers through his hair. Next, you notice the woman who is beside him, the one caressing the man’s head. It is quite noticeable that her hair is long, shiny, and wavy. Also, the people in the ad are wearing fancy attire as if they are going to a formal event, which shows they are well-liked in society and are powerful. The product itself is the last part of the ad that is noticeable. There are four products that can be purchased, so it encourages the audience the buy the complete set in order to allow their hair to “grow strong”.
The woman uses a seductive look to show the audience that the Garnier hair products make women feel sexy. The man has a devilish smirk that shows he is content with his partner’s long hair. Additionally, the ad wants the audience to believe the product will attract men and help women get into a loving relationship. The ad glorifies the idea of women having long, wavy hair and shows that men prefer women with long hair. Garnier advertises that the product will give consumers “stronger hair” which creates a “stronger you”.
The key words on the advertisement promise consumers speedy hair growth that will make their current hair strong. Specifically, the ad convinces the viewers to purchase the product by promoting the product’s ingredients that will help “reinforce” strong hair growth “from r...

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...not only are extremely persuasive, but they additionally are effective in product consumption in the media (Curry and Clarke 1983: 367).
The Garnier advertisement shows that Americans value appearances and sexual relationships, which are encouraged through mass media. Not only does the ad encourage women to buy the product to positively impact the appearance of their hair, but it also sends a message to women then men will be more attracted to a woman with long, shiny hair. Women believe that the Garnier products will make them stronger and more powerful in order to gain the approval of men and society. Through rhetorical strategies, many magazines promote women and sex appeal in order to fit into social norms. The ad depicts a happy couple, which many women dream about, so they feel inclined to purchase the product to feel as if their dreams will become a reality.

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