Essay Presentation Of Procedures For New Information

Essay Presentation Of Procedures For New Information

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Presentation of procedures for new information:
Students will write an expository paragraph in response to: If you could change 1 thing in your library what would it be and why? The teacher will provide the students with the information to complete an expository paragraph using a graphic organizer and The 5 steps Approach to Writing Guide. The expository paragraph will be assessed using a 12 point rubric.

Ask students, “Do you have a favorite sandwich?” Discuss the students’ response and explain that a recipe for making their favorite sandwich is a “how to guide” on making all types of food. Tell them they are going to learn about their classmates’ favorite sandwich recipe and will be able to compose one of their own by the end of the lesson.

Guided Practice:
1. Tell the students they are going to help you write a recipe for your favorite sandwich using a graphic organizer and the 5 step Writing process.
2. Share your favorite sandwich recipe with the classroom and then verbally explain to the class how to make the sandwich. As you are explaining how to make the sandwich writes each step on the blackboard.
3. Ask the students “Have you ever heard of a graphic organizer?” Acknowledge the students who know what a graphic organizer is. Tell the students a graphic organizer is used to help organize your thoughts and ideas for answering questions
4. Using the overhead project share and review the graphic organizer with the students.
5. Say, “To begin we will use the recipe listed on the black board to input in our graphic organizer.
6. Guide the students through the process of making the sandwich by asking them the following questions:
What are my ingredients?
Tell me, what is the first thing I do?
What do I do next?
What comes...

... middle of paper ...

...cipe. They will create the recipe using a graphic organizer and 5 step Writing Process. They will share their completed recipe their peers and display their writings on the Writing Lab Wall.
Differentiated instruction accommodations:
Pre-teach lower level students descriptive words and adjectives using pictures. Explain how adjectives are used (prickly porcupine). Have pre-written sentences available to model for the student. Show the student a model of an expository paragraph. Ask the student to identify the detail. For the gifted student, refer them to a website on how to write a 5 paragraph expository paper.

Use the Student 12 Point Rubric on their essay to assess the students work. This rubric assesses whether the students did an outstanding job, meets expectations, shows some understanding or needs additional assistance from the teacher.

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