Presence of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems Essay

Presence of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems Essay

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Presence of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems – Machine Health monitoring
Vibrations are found in most machines especially those that have rotating or reciprocating systems. Some of the vibrations are normal to the standard operation of the machine but some may be the result of mechanical faults including mass unbalance, coupling misalignment, mechanical looseness, and many other causes. So unbalance is the cause of most of the abnormal machine vibration. For example an unbalanced rotor always causes more vibration and generates excessive force in the bearing area and reduces the life of the machine. This statement is very true for most machines and additional vibrations, or vibrations of higher amplitude and of different frequencies than the normal ones when the machine is healthy, is always a sign of a failure or a possible failure in the machine. This is the concept behind health monitoring using vibration monitoring of machines.
Vibrations are caused due to unbalanced masses which creates a position shift to the centrifugal force. Additional unbalanced masses can occur during the ...

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