Essay on The Presence Of Gendered Role Play

Essay on The Presence Of Gendered Role Play

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RQ: Does the presence of gendered role-play during make-believe play predict career goals that match in expected gendered role?
• The two groups would consist of about 30 boys and 30 girls ages 3-6, it would be preferred that the groups would be a mix of different ethnicities.
• The purpose of this study is to find out if gender-role-play during make-believe play can help predict the future career goals of that particular gender within children. These different groups are important because it is important to see if there is a difference within sexes, ages, and ethnicities. It is a possibility that it could have no impact on a certain sex, or that at a certain age is more common to gender stereotype their play. There is also a possibility that ethnicity can play a role within how often the child could gender stereotype their make-believe play. Due to all these possibilities it is important to have different ages, ethnicities and sexes within this research.
• With this research, the materials that would be of necessity are a very simple questionnaire (IV) that any age could comprehend. The questions would consist of asking:
o What do your parents do?
o What is your favorite thing to play?
o When you grow up, what do you want to be?
o If they play house, do you like being “mommy” or “daddy”?
It would also be preferred to observe the children while playing (DV). It’s important that they play with the opposite sex so that it is possible to see how the children interact with each other automatically, especially if they played something along the lines of “house”. Lastly, I would ask the parents to observe how their children play at home, while they are in a more comfortable environment (DV). It is also i...

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... necessary to re-evaluate the children tested in this study once they were older. Specifically, it would be valuable to ask the same group of boys and girls what they plan on studying in the future/ where do they see themselves after they graduate high school. The specific test that should be used within this research should then be a depended t-test because it focuses on developmental growth, specifically focusing on the possible developmental change in career choice along with views on certain careers from when the children were 3-6 and then when they were in high school and more knowledgeable about obvious gender roles and stereotypes found in their daily lives. Since this test is able to study the research taken right now along with the future change in the same group of children this would be the proper test to use in regards to this specific research question.

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