Essay about Prescription Drugs Through The Media

Essay about Prescription Drugs Through The Media

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The issue over allowing prescription drug medication to be advertised has been debated for over three hundred years. Marketing prescription drugs through the media is dangerous and should be banned because they can cause uneducated consumers to ask for drugs that are not appropriate for them, doctors alone should be able to prescribe for their patients. Marketers for medications try going directly to the consumer, although a healthcare professional or doctor should be prescribing a patient 's medication. Due to the advertisement of medication many consumers are left uneducated about a drug and it’s purpose, patients are telling their doctor what they think is best for them and not the other way around. When the dangers of smoking and tobacco were known laws were created about advertising tobacco products. The dangers that is caused by drug marketing is known but the FDA has not restricted their advertisement.
Health Care providers have the best knowledge on what medication will best due to a patient-physician relationship. According to a study the FDA did on the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion and discovered the 63% of patients are going to their doctors asking for medications that are not meant for them. In April 2013 80% of doctors surveyed that drug ads weakened doctor-patient relationships. Advertisements rather than inform the consumers on the medication demand that they buy their product to live a “healthier” and “happier” life but that is not always the case, the medication will not always perform the way the customer would like it to if it’s not designed for them. Advertising drugs has been around as early as the 1700’s. It’s been a heated topic on whether or not America should allow medication to be advertised ...

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...rch and development of medication, but fail to concluded that cost can easily be cut from marketing.
It is time to put an end to DTC prescription drug advertisement. Prescription drug advertisement is not enjoyed by anyone. It misinforms patients, weakens relationships between patients and their doctors, and has increased health care costs. Prescription drug marketing has proven to get more people to consult a doctor about their medical condition, but there is a stronger negative effect if the advertisements are not ban. A commercial doesn’t know a consumer 's medical history, and cannot give a personal recommendation for a medication. Prescription drugs are not something to play around with and should not be looked at as something to sell and make money off of. Medication company 's main focus should be on treating a patient and not how to make money off of them.

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