Essay on Prescription and Mama Told Me by Wale

Essay on Prescription and Mama Told Me by Wale

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The songs Prescription and Mama Told Me by Wale are a golden example of lyricism in Hip Hop culture today. Wale is known in today’s culture as a poet who raps over a beat. His rhythm scheme and use of words in his songs bring music to the soul and the mind. Wale is currently a part of a music group called MMG (Maybach Music Group), which was founded by Rick Ross. Personally, I have been listening to Wale as an outlet. An outlet for emotional and spiritual means. Wale is considered a true modern day hip hop artist, who combines poetry and rap to create art that can transcend educational boundaries and also economic boundaries. Wale’s lyrics can be understood and related to anyone who has ever had a bad day or even in fact lived their life to any certain extent.
Mama Told Me is a song that describes the ambition that his mother had for him. It is stressed throughout the song that if you work hard enough, golden days are ahead for him. He starts out the song by apologizing to the genre of hip-hop for him not becoming famous soon enough. He believes that the culture has been tainted by a trend known as “Pussy, Money, Weed” rappers who have none or very little substance within their songs and lyrics. He also continues to state that as long as he is famous, he will try and bring the best quality music that he can offer. He also says that his music is meant for everyone. His rhyme scheme can be praised by scholars of colleges but can be understood by hustlers on the street with very little education. And with his current success, he is proving to his mom that he didn’t drop for nothing. “And I ain't in it for them O's or them comma's But more or less the hope for dope rappers to prosper” (Wale). Wale does not want to make money, he wan...

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...the message that Wale is trying to convey to his listeners. Anslem’s critic of the album is very little having barely any negatives about and mainly positive feedback. This review is just proof of the rhyme scheme of Wale. That he is an artist that will help revive hip-hop to the way that it used to be in the 90’s. The genre now waits to see what his future musical project are like. To decide whether or not he will live up to the hype that he was given from many magazines and reviewers.

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