Essay about Preparing Response On The Next Line

Essay about Preparing Response On The Next Line

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Begin response on the next line (in bold):
This five day period was fairly typical except for my tuning into various news radio sources. I usually get my news from news apps such as CNN or NPR. Also, I went back to Maryland to visit my mom over the weekend, so I spent much more time in the car than usual. In addition, I worked a seven hour shift all day Saturday, which exposed me to restaurant ads that I was not actively seeking. Everything else was relatively normal including my one day, Monday, on campus where Dr. Finn exposed me to new music as usual in class. On Monday, I listened to the most conservative radio show I had ever heard in my life, Savage Nation. Over the five day period, I tuned into a few other conservative news source that I would have never thought to consider in my daily life. These conservative sources disappointed me and reaffirmed my liberal views.

2) How has your mass comm consumption changed since high school? (More of what, less of what?)
If it has changed, why do you think that is? (Was it a deliberate decision, a change in interests, the change in locations (e.g., no more 55" TV :), a function of the people you are with, or something else?) Please be specific and fairly detailed.
Begin response on the next line (in bold):
Now that I am in college, I definitely do not watch as much television as I did in high school. I would watch Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday and Scandal every Thursday. In addition, in high school, I watched MTV a majority of the time, which was always promoting the acceptance of various lifestyles, which is a very liberal station. Now, in college, I really only watch award shows or the news on the physical television. This assignment also helped me realize how much I stream...

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I listened to the Morning Show, on NPR. They discussed the upcoming campaigning at a Pro-Muslim event. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton would be in attendance. In the 15 minutes I listened, the announcer just listed, quite factually, all of the interesting upcoming political events. I also noticed that in the news articles on the NPR app, there were many more quotes than on Fox News. I think this goes along with the idea of neutrality and reporting the “facts” to remain neutral. I was surprised that I picked up on the amount of quotations used in written articles. This is a key element of remaining neutral and reporting on the “facts.” In addition, many of the statements made around the quotations were giving logistical evidence or reporting on public response about this particular opinion. This did not indicate a bias tone from what I could tell.

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