Preparing NYC for Major Storms Essay

Preparing NYC for Major Storms Essay

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Preparing NYC for major storms

On October 29 2012 Hurricane Sandy hits New York. It is important for us people who live in New York to know what are the plans to reduce the damage of the next major storm, if there is one. Also it will make us feel safer if we know what they are doing. The four sources I will be using are “The Next Hurricane and the Next” By The Editorial Board, Published: August 23, 2013, “Natural Allies for the Next Sandy” By Henry Fountain, Published: October 28, 2013, “To Save City From Storm Surges, No Miracles Required” By Jim Dwyer, Published: June 27, 2013, and the person I interview on this topic is my mother Qian Mei Chen, she had experience what happened during the hurricane.
In the article “The Next Hurricane, and the Next” By the Editorial Board. The article is about adopting new standards and how the congress made important changes last year to the financially distressed National Flood Insurance Program. A quote from the article is “Now homeowners who live in risk-prone areas are faced with an expensive predicament: they can either pay much higher ...

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