Preparing Lunches For The Students Going On The Trip Essay

Preparing Lunches For The Students Going On The Trip Essay

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I guess I should start at the very beginning which would be getting up at 6:45 in order to make lunches for the students going on the trip. I had agreed to help Brenda make sandwiches, but neither of us got the key for the dining hall so we had to break into the dining hall with a clothes hanger, we are now professional picks locks because we finally got it open on the 30th try. At any rate we had fun making bagged lunches and pick on each other in the process. Then all the mission students piled into the vehicles to ride to New Tribes Mission, I always thoroughly enjoy the rides on these trips because we frequently have some lively discussions and this trip was no exception. Upon arriving at New Tribes the only thing on the outside property that hints at the site being unique is the totem pole as you pull into the drive way. Once you step into the tabernacle you begin to realize that this place is special. I was impressed by the inviting, fun, learning atmosphere that the building breathed when you entered. It was also nice to stretch our legs and get a warm drink after riding because it helped us be able to focus later when Greg Sanford was talking to us.
I thoroughly enjoyed and was challenged by Greg’s talk. As Greg was going through some of the pictures on the screen I was a little taken back by how much nudity was displayed in the pictures. I realize in that missionaries would have to get used to that to reach those people, yet in growing up in American culture especially in our holiness circles I think I would be very careful what pictures I took and displayed to my supporters. As Greg was talking about culture he stated that culture shapes directly shapes a person’s thoughts, actions, etc. and the way he pres...

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...r an hour and that says something about how well he presented his material. He kept reminding me of someone with his gestures and I finally realized he was reminding me of Bro. Martin. 
I really appreciate field trips or field studies as Bro. Mowery used to call them because I have learned so much on each trip I have been on in my four years here. These trips have impacted my thinking about missions as much if not more because it takes class instruction and puts faces to missions, provides connections to leading thinkers, and interaction with other cultures. So please, please continue to do them for future groups, especially in classes which have other majors in the class because they also need to be exposed to these ideas of missions. I believe it also draws the mission students together in the road trips in ways that do not always happen in class or on campus.

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